Meet Nija


 anI work with men and women who feel they can have everything they want without compromises and yet find themselves struggling to achieve it in their lives, be it a fulfilling career or rich relationships. Or they seem to have it all and find themselves still seeking for something that seems elusive.       

My unique methods help my clients identify what they are seeking, what is holding them back. My clients, discovering the clarity of purpose and their potential, create an uncompromisingly fulfilled life. They enjoy a renewed passion for life, greater self-confidence and joy in their lives.      

I am a transformation coach and a Psych-K facilitator (information on Psych-K is available here). I am also a Brainspotting and Inner Child Healing facilitator for past emotionally stressful situations. Further information about both is here.

Previously I have been a strategy consultant for capital markets, hospitals, lecturer at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, and neuroscience research assistant. In most roles, I have acted as a natural mentor.

I enjoy letting nature refresh me, experiencing photography and other creative arts, and simply sitting at cafés and delighting in the company of people around me. I am a mindfulness practiontioner.       

Want to know more about me and how I became a transformation coach?      

Growing up in India, I tried to conform to the traditional prototypes and kept failing. I eventually learned to focus my confidence on my education and technical knowledge but confidence in myself was something I could not even comprehend.

Eventually, my life seemed to have it all and while I was really happy for the most part, something within me kept reaching for more, wanting something more. Until everything unraveled. My intimate relationship had ended, I had no job but was on a high stress board role of a non-profit organization, and I was facing challenges with my own family as well.     

My visits to counselors and psychologist yielded nothing. They had no idea what I wanted and kept focusing on the problems. In fact, projecting their own judgments about my situation and people in my life. I wanted solutions. I instinctively knew the judgments about my loved ones were wrong.

I read books on being successful, on happiness, on life philosophy and spirituality. These were good to read but missed something.

I finally went to a coach, who taught me to apply what the books tell us. How to step out of fear, grief and pain and into sheer joy without faking anything. How to change my perception of experiences. I was held accountable for actions towards my goal. And I was mentored and guided by someone who knew exactly what I was feeling. Who had the same goals as I did. To live a life with uncompromising joy. To have rich relationships, even turn around the relationships that had frayed. To have a career that suited me.     

Over time, I have stepped into the role of a coach, mentor, and guide.      

Is my life “perfect” or “successful”? YES and NO.      

No, because, challenges and failures keep coming. Yes, because dealing with challenges and failures easily and continuing to enjoy my life is now as natural as breathing to me.       

Life is indeed a journey and mine is FUN! Come and join me.