Healing Past Trauma

Childhood trauma is a lifelong burden. If  you are a sensitive or an empath, minor events can become traumatic, and you might be taking on the trauma well beyond childhood. However, it does not mean you have to continue to live with it.  

Like many, you may have tried to ignore your struggles if the events seem small. You plow on, trying to fit the “normal” until something pokes the past event’s scar. At times it can even feel like nothing is going your way.  

But healing the child within helps release the walls you have built up around you, the repeating patterns, the pain that you live with on a daily basis.   

With Brainspotting, I help you connect to the part of your body and mind where the memory of the trauma is held. It is a technique that has been used to enhance performance for your career, as well as improve your personal life, be it health or relationships.  

Inner child healing is another powerful technique which can be used to give voice to the child within, who experienced stress or trauma, and helping you release the pain of that event.

You are worth so much more than a painful and restricted, limited life. Take charge of your life and shine.

Heal your past. Free your future.