Live Uncompromisingly


I have never met you but I know you. 

You are a seeker, learner, giver, creator of your life. You love life. You have great vision of your destiny and potential. But you have seen walls and barriers everywhere you turn.

Right now, you feel as if you are helpless to turn things around, whether in your work or relationships. Perhaps you took the step to retiring and now find yourself wanting to reconnect to your purpose.

But you are driven to find a solution and you DO NOT WANT ANY MORE COMPROMISES.

You instinctively know that the way you did everything before is not going to take you forward, but is going to keep you stuck, even bring greater challenges. It is already taking greater and greater energy to just get through the day.

You want a different life. And you are AFRAID TO FAIL with something new.

Transforming your life seems impossible.


In every impossible there is I'M POSSIBLE.

I have had people come in, feeling as if they are at the end of their rope and must choose between one choice or another, neither to their liking, but the only choices available to them. 

Should they keep on the path to separation or reconnect. Stay in the chosen career or discover something else.

Or simply questioning the purpose of their lives, whether they were at the start or in the middle or at the end of their careers.

Regardless of the problem, I have helped them discover their path and helped them STAY on the course to their goals. 


Journey with me to discover your power

I offer belief transformations through Psych-K, and trauma resolution through Inner Child work and Brainspotting. All are available as stand alone, as well as integrated into the coaching

Psych-K is a quick and easy way to allow your subconcious to learn and accept a new belief. More information is available here.

Brainspotting is a powerful method that helps you focus on past trauma / sources of emotional/body pain and other issues and release it from the body and mind.

Your next step is simple. Book a conversation with me, free if this is the first time you are meeting me. It will take place over Skype or your phone, and will take 20 minutes.

In our conversation, you will achieve a clarity of what you really want, what your ideal life looks like. And you will also understand your fears and concerns. Understanding an enemy is the first step to making the enemy work with you as your friend.