Live a life you love Live a boundless life

Live a life you love Live a boundless life

Live a life you love Live a boundless life Live a life you love Live a boundless life Live a life you love Live a boundless life

You are facing a challenge. Perhaps in your relationship or at work. Or perhaps you are just not finding satisfaction in your life. 

You know that change is coming and you want to welcome it but it is SCARY. The future is UNCERTAIN. 

Books upon books are written on how to deal with change and uncertainty. How to be successful. 

But these are some of the hardest things to deal with in reality. Changes and uncertainties are stressful and we find ourselves swept away in the anxiety and worry about the future, feeling increasingly powerless. We know we need to EMPOWER OURSELVES. But can't figure out how to, when faced with life. 


Some of the messages and beliefs you learned over time destroy that relationship with yourself, making life unreasonably hard. MY MISSION IS TO EMPOWER YOU to live the best version of life you can have.  

This wisdom to live happily is easily available, the secret is in applying it to real life. The process requires dedication and support. 

Come, talk with me and GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED, the champion you need to take back the control of your life.




M.Y. (US, South Korea)

The words that come to heart when I think of my dear friend, sister and mentor are compassionate, patient, understanding and trustworthy. I have known Nija for more than two years.  During the two year span, I have been going through much internal turmoil.  There were moments when I wanted to give up life because I could not handle all the demons in my head as well as life circumstances.  No matter, what emotional state I was in, Nija was always there for me. Although she is very compassionate, patient, peaceful and understanding, she knew how to steer me lovingly, but in a direct way. I highly recommend Nija as your integrative transformation life coach.  We all need a guiding force in our life. Someone that can lend us their listening ears and have the willingness to validate and understand us. Life is full of uncertainties with plenty of twists and turns and Nija will be your lighthouse guiding you through the storm.  There will always be calmness and peace after the storm.  With her by myself, I have passed many small and big storms and have been able to experience the beautiful sun shines and rainbows in my life.

Barbara (US)

Before I started working with Nija Hope, I was unfulfilled, unhappy, and I had some fearful thoughts. I wanted to be happy, be fulfilled, have confidence, and know every decision I made was the right decision for me without questioning myself. I really just wanted to enjoy my life.   

Nija and I were taking a course together. I discovered she was a life coach and she was willing to take me as a client. What I like about Nija is that she warm, understand, and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. Her method to solving issues is ask thought provoking questions, which allows me the opportunity to figure out the solution for myself. With her guidance I have gained confidence, understanding of my fears, and how to be fulfilled and happy. I would recommend her as coach – she is amazing.

Maria (US, UK)

I have been working with Nija, for the past two years.  She is a wonderful healer, guide and coach.  She has helped me with a variety of issues, personal and professional.  Most recently financial, career and dealing with some old childhood trauma, that had previously blocked my ability to move forward.  I find her to be non-judgmental, insightful,  kind, patient, thorough, incredibly smart and creative.  I have always been surprised at how quickly she has highlighted what my underlying problem has been, and then presented common sense solutions.  I am a big fan of Nija’s and would happily recommend her to anyone.

KKAnonymous (US)

Hi,,,I am a tv personality for 25 years, so wish to stay anonymous, yet, felt compelled to shout-from-the-highest-mountain, on  how my outlook, perspective and general shift to happy, was guided by the kindness, insight and skills of my dear friend and professional/spiritual  guidance counselor: Nija Hope.

We met 3 years ago, and have worked with her on Psyke K over the last year….

Admittedly, after REPEATED positive  results, the ‘how’ she does it, is still elusive,,,it is not a “round peg in a round hole”  type of experience. 

All I can say, is when I seem to go to the insidious side, of ‘woe is me’, or even darker, she listens, listens and listens…and  somehow, engages my hIGHER self, almost by magic (I loved magic as a kid, so forgive the overpromise, it’s just my entertainment side),  to recalibrate, MYSELF, so Its’ free of opinion, or ‘this is what to do’s….

The session just seems to naturally arrive, using my own intuition, and then I can get back on Track to becoming, the Fabulous  Feline I was born to be

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